Bulletproof Deacon At Christ Embassy

31-Oct-2012 07:53
The Acts of Dcn Yomi Oluremekun
I want to title my testimony as “Our true divinity in Christ

On 30th of September 2012 I was leaving my office on Lagos Island.
Just as I was about entering my car, parked right in front of the office, a car pulled over and blocked my car and immediately four guys came down with gun pointing at me and demanding for my car key. When I saw the gun pointed at me, the scripture that immediately came alive in my spirit was “no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper”
While I was searching my pocket for the key, the guy pointing the gun directly to my belly said I’m wasting their time and he pulled the trigger (however I believed they were intimidated by my calmness). The bullet pierced through the T-shirt and the inner vest I was wearing and the bullet just got stock right on my belly without penetrating further.

Immediately I heard the gun shot my response was spontaneous as I screamed out “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world”.
At that point I do not have enough sense to respond in shock or fear, there was such an awesome peace, boldness & confidence
around me even while bleeding that the robbers had to took off immediately, not believing that I could still be standing having been shot at such a close range. I walk right back into the office
building and all the security guys were surprise that am still standing.
All through until I was taken to the hospital I kept the word of God on my lips & reminded myself of who I am in Christ &am; that I can not die young or suddenly. Knowing fully well that I still have alot ti do in sponsoring & financing the gospel as an Haven member.

All the scan result showed that I do not have any internal injury or bleeding & the bullet pallets were later removed & I am perfectly ok.

I thank God for our man of God (Pst Chris Oyakhilome) for teaching me the word of God.
When one consistently listen to the teaching of God’s word, obviously you are been seeded and loaded for life, you cease to be an ordinary person, you are now absolutely divine, as prooved by this testimony.

The car that is of the world has gone with the robbers, but I am not of the world, for whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world & no weapon fashioned against us is powerful enough to prosper.
Here I am today sharing this testimony to the shame & regret of the devil. Like the Bible refers to John as “John the divine” am now also “Dcn Yomi the divine”, some people heard about the testimony and has since nick-named me as “bulletproof deacon” praise be His name forever.

Of a truth like Pastor Chris would always reminds us that the book of “Acts” in the Bible is still been written in our days, this testimony is one of such account for the book of “Acts” today.

Today I am much more convinced than ever before that divinity is absolutely at work in us. I am indeed a walking miracle!

Dcn Yomi Oluremekun

This testimony was shared on yookos.com


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