Welcome Cellulike

Now phone users can have peace of mind as the first independent phone back-up/security service service hits the Nigerian mobile market.

Users can backup contacts, pictures and videos on their mobile devices and restore to a new device in the event that their phone gets missing or stolen.

They can also send lock / unlock command to their phones to ensure the safety of their data.
The application captures the phones imei and stores it for the user as this might be required by insurance or by the lost property unit of the police.

It also keeps othe vital details like you network provider account officer’s contact address, phone and email. I think this should be first choice for any phone user with data and contacts worth keeping safe.

Vouchers should be in retail stores across the country anytine soon. Let’s know what your expectations are regarding this service. will you be backing up your device? BTW retail price will be 3,000 naira plus opporunity to be a reseller!


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